12 Kommentare zu “PABUCA: Night

  1. ..and we were wondering, where is Matt? I mean some PABUCAians were complaining that there was no RAIN two weeks ago. But no NIGHT? Not in Frankfurt. Here you are and you are still on time.

    Hehehe.. ..great that you played it rough: No skyline photos! (and no ‚cat‘ or ‚dogs with sunglasses‘ photos (@Maike 😉 ) as well… ..but to be honest, I would have not expect those from our Matt)

    What a view on your first one. I’m sure there are not many places where you able to do such a kind of capture. But the second is my favorite. I mean, that’s an massive building but you were able to minimize it by the perspective and the few lights. Great work. I like that.

    • No need to wonder, I’ll definitely try to join all weeks. We’ll see how that goes when I am away for vacation….

      I think I could find a way to have a cat appear in one of my pictures. Let me think about that……

      Glad you like the pictures. And actually I could think of various places to get a view like this. Though, the Maintower is sure the highest place.

  2. Ich war noch nie in Frankfurt, aber genau so stelle ich es mir vor – voller Leben, tolle Nachtserie besonders das erste Foto finde ich ganz wunderbar, der Blick von oben ist fantastisch.

    LG Soni

  3. Da war wohl jemand auf dem Maintower – so ein ähnliches Foto wie auf dem ersten Bild habe ich letztes Jahr auch gemacht (hast du bestimmt schon gesehen) 😉
    Tolles Nachtfoto, aber auch das letzte Bild gefällt mir sehr gut.
    LG, Netty

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