25 Kommentare zu “Magic Monday – Woche 12: stark

  1. „Hey jetzt komm‘ die Hero-Turtles…“ *sing*
    Klasse Aufnahme und mit dem CK wirkt das wirklich etwas unheimlich 🙂
    LG, Consuela

  2. This image made me catch my breath. There was an instant of fear and then I had to remind myself that the Police’s role is to keep the peace. You’ve managed to catch the duality of their role here so simply and yet so strikingly; calling to mind the responsibility of the role and the importance of not abusing power when one has it. Very well done.

    • Thank you, glad you liked it.
      I do believe that the vast majority of Policewomen and Policemen are well aware of their responsibility and would never abuse their power. Though, with the light comes the shadow, and due to the power they have these shadows do harm…

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